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izlemeden duramıyorum ya inanılmaz!!! 

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Alexander Skarsgard on the True Blood Finale: "It Was Unbelievably Emotional" to Film, I "Started Crying"

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Oh god, I am crying my eyes out right now. WHY, TRUE BLOOD WHY?!?!?!! 

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True Blood Merchandise:

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Okay, it’s the last episode of True Blood and we’ve arrived back at ‘SOOKEH, MAH HUMANITEH’.

Eye-rollingly beautiful.

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I’m gonna cry for the rest of my life about true blood.

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Eric Northman, True Blood, Season 3

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I have been watching True Blood for 6 years and it’s over. I feel lost. 

like what do i do now? wait for a spin off?

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Tonight is the night, I will cry my eyes out, the blood tears are coming! Final episode of True Blood. I’M NOT READY! MY BODY, MY HEART, MY SOUL IS NOT READY FOR IT!!! WHY GOD, WHYYYYYY?!!!

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Like that freak I am, I’m having a goodbye True Blood get together with my friends!